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Genre: Turn-Based Board Game Race


Mario Kart is obviously a massively successful video game. Several teammates and I decided to convert the popular video game into our very own turn-based digital board game. It was turn-based in regards that players rolled a digital die to determine how many spaces their character would move. It turned out to be Mario Kart with a whole new flavor.

Number of Players: 1-4

Development Information


Level Design
UI Design


As the Level/UI designer for Mario Kart: The Board Game, it was my responsibility to build every menu system in the game (Main Menu, In-Game Menus, Post-Race Menu) as well as build each level and race track layout.


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Development Time:

~3 Weeks

Team Size:

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Character Select / Map Select Screen

The main challenges in developing the levels and UI for Mario Kart: The Board Game were the fact that we had to display enough information for all players. As designers we struggled finding a way to make a turn-based digital board game that still had some sort of quick pace to it.


The menu system in the game is fairly simple. The game itself is played from a single keyboard - which is something that we deemed acceptable, only because it is a turn-based game.

The pre-game menus allowed each player to insert their own personal names and select a character of their choice. The menu then progressed so that the players could choose which board/map to play on.

The in-game menu system consisted of a race position menu in the top left corner of the screen - each player's name tag moved based on their position on the track. This menu also showed what item each player had.

In the time of one turn, players had the ability to roll a die in order to move forward as well as use their item.


Development Progression


A physical prototype board for the game. We used this to test out how the game would feel, and found it surprisingly useful.

Mushroom Valley


Top-Down Map Progression


Map Progression 1


Map Progression 2

Magma Road


Top-Down Progression


Map Progression 1